What Is A Track Saw Useful For? A Brief Overview Of 5 Distinct Applications

Track Saw

It can be difficult to purchase a new tool. If you own a table saw and circular saw, then you could be unsure whether or not you should buy an a track saw. Knowing exactly what it is used to do and how it will assist you could be the information you need to determine whether you'll need one of these. We have come up with five different uses for a track saw , as well as our own opinion on whether or not this saw is worth the money. Get more info on about Track Saw.

1.Cutting Long, Straight Miters

One of the most appealing aspects about using a track saw is the straight cut that it can provide. There is no need to clamp anything down, and you are able to move through your projects at a faster pace. You must ensure that your circular saw cuts multiple pieces of wood at once. With the track saw, it is much easier to set the track on the ground and cut again and again. The only thing you have to consider is the length of the track, however you can usually find long tracks to be purchased if this becomes an issue.

2.Cutting Plywood on a Job Site

A track saw is a very lightweight piece of equipment. It doesn't require much effort to move a track saw around. It is certainly simpler to transport a tracksaw than a piece of plywood. If your track is longer than the plywood itself you will be able to easily cut through a pile of plywood in a brief time. This is a fantastic way to get through an undertaking quickly, without having to constantly clamp your boards or carry them to a table saw and try cutting the boards there. The track saw is a fantastic tool to have on a job site for the ease of use and versatility.

3. Cutting Drywall Boards

Drywall can be difficult to cut. Drywall is messy. If you're cutting boards for drywall the home, prepare yourself to tackle a major cleanup. A nice feature on the track saw is its dust collecting option. If you can hook the vacuum straight to the track saw and eliminate even half of the dust, your life has just become a much easier. It is possible to cut several pieces of drywall at the same time, depending on which saw you choose to use. What can you do with the additional time?

4. Cutting Studs

We are aware that track saws tend to be a little more costly than circular saws. The track saw is able to be used as a circular one that is something to keep in mind. You won't need the track for cutting studs, so you can just make use of your track saw like you would a circular saw. We love that you have this option and it does feel like you are getting two saws for the price of one. This flexibility isn't available in the circular saw, or table saw.

5.Laying Wood Flooring

If you have ever seen the wood flooring installed poor quality, you are fortunate. If floors made of wood aren't put in precisely then the whole house will look like it's in a crooked position. We may be exaggerating, but it is nonetheless ugly. The track you'll need to work with using your track saw is the perfect length to ensure that the flooring is installed correctly. Lay the track over the boards and cut it as you go. This will ensure that the seams and joints between wall and floor are straightened and level. Track saws are light and easy to carry around while you are doing work on the floor. The vacuum connection makes it a tidy and efficient work area.

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